A downloadable game for Windows

A simple game that i have been working on for "my first game jam"

The idea is simple. you simply have to move around the map and kill things.

Your health is shown in the bottom left with the amount of health packs that you have left.

The gun selected is at the top left of the screen. below it is the ammo left in that magazine and the total magazines below

Move near the crates in houses to open them - free loot!!


WASD / arrow keys to move.

the light points towards the mouse, along with the guns

left click to fire the selected weapon

chance the weapon between SMG and Sniper with "1" and "2"

H is to heal

I have spent very little time on the graphics so they are very poor!!


Install instructions

to run the game simply unzip the folder. Then open it up.

Click on the .exe file. and follow the instructions

Thats it


2 Week Jam 9 MB

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